What Causes a Tooth to Look Yellow?

Yellowing and discoloration occur because of a wide array of reasons. Typically, eating or drinking items which stain the teeth such as berries, coffee, and tea cause discoloration. Using tobacco is another common cause. Whitening treatments can usually address this surface staining. When the tooth’s interior has been discolored, either because of tooth injury or taking certain medications, different treatments will be needed. These require the use of a crown or veneer or may lighten with internal bleaching.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

The procedures used by professional dentists are designed to be very effective while also being safe. Our office can assure patients that we will use the latest options available and the treatments be harmless. Tooth sensitivity may occur after the procedure. This will go away quickly and any sensitivity experienced should be minimal and managed by the dentist. This cosmetic procedure can improve patients’ confidence in a safe way.

What Happens During Zoom Whitening?

First, the person will have her or his teeth assessed by the dentist. During this evaluation, the dentist will identify areas of tooth decay or damage which will need to be treated or cleaned before the whitening process begins. Zoom whitening uses an advanced, light-activated hydrogen peroxide gel which has been known to provide excellent results. A soft device will be used to hold patients’ lips back. This is done to ensure that each tooth receives the same amount of gel and that the gel is hit evenly with the light. The gel is applied to the teeth and the light is focused on them for approximately 15 minutes. This creates a chemical reaction which whitens teeth. Once the time is finished, the gel will be wiped away and the lip retainer will be removed. Teeth with be noticeably whiter right away.